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Video editing is so important because it is the key to merging images and sounds so that we feel emotionally connected and sometimes truly in the film we are watching.

Highlights 2022

175 Jahre SIEMENS                                    

Der große Sat.1 Baumarkt-Check           

Back to 2015 - 2020                                 

Back to 2010 - 2014

(45 min. / Bayern erleben /BR)

(97 min. / S01-E01 / Sat.1)

(62 min. / S01-E08 / RTL+)

(62 min. / S01_E07 / RTL+)

Highlights from previus Years

Schleich Fernsehen                                  

Die Reimanns           

Wie die D-Mark in den Osten kam     

Fit mit Felix

(45 min. / E68 + E69 /BR)

(47 min. / S09 / RTL II)

(45 min. / ARD)

(2-3 min. / S01 / BR)

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About Editing

The beauty of this profession is that the possibilities of video editing are constantly improving.
Whether it's through new technology, programmes, plug-ins, effects or the adaptation to changing viewing habits.
All this together ensures that it never gets boring from year to year.